Let The Best Golf Package make planning your next event enjoyable and less expensive.

We will negotiate for the best group rates at premium resorts and show you how to reduce the cost of your event.


The Best Golf Package specializes in providing your organization or group the best golf and special events meeting at premium resorts for the best value.


  • We offer pre-planning, on-site management and post-meeting services.
  • We show you how to reduce your expenses, thereby reducing the cost of your event.
  • We do this by working with our customers and vendors assessing your goals, theme design, site selection, contract negotiations, budget development, attendee registration, VIP/Key Personnel management and budget reconciliation.
  • We have the online tools that make it all seamless, keeping your information at your fingertips for faster, better and smarter decision making. This includes online registration sites that work as communication tools while building a data base of information for you.

    Our business philosophy is based on growing and maintaining long term partnerships with our customers, premium resorts and vendors that allows us to continually customize our services to meet ever changing needs while maintaining a competitive price.

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